Halfway roundup

17th March 2016

So, now that we’re almost halfway through the crowdfunding campaign and there are just about 2 months to go until the festival. :o We thought we would do a little recap on what we’ve been doing recently and how our plans are for the coming weeks. Here we go!

First of all, we would like to thank all the people who have shared the news across the social interwebs! It’s great to see a lot of people interested in the festival. We also already received a couple of submission, which is really cool, too! We hope to get some more till the end of the month and always appreciate it if you peeps share and like so more people get to know our festival. The campaign is about 6% funded, but we think we can push that percentage a bit further ;) (We also want to print some of those cool bags!)

Right now we are working through the list of games, we want to exhibit and are trying to refine it some more. Our whole selection so far includes more than 80 games, from which we are trying to find about 10 that we want to curate in the final space - and also in a digital curation for the festival. We will announce our first few games and our thoughts on the exhibition in a few days. So stay tuned for that.

Apart from that we did a lot of writing mails, communication and online stuff and basicly trying to make our festival a bit more visible. If you know any site, publication or similar which might be interested in hearing about tinypalace, please consider writing them a mail or letting us know! We also just printed a batch of flyers which you might have already seen on our twitter or facebook :>

Another big task for us now is to get our program finished, regarding the space we can work with at the Interim and things like gamejam and the party. Also remember: We’re still open for suggestions for who to invite, so let us know what you want to see and hear!

That’s it so far, we’ll try to update you more frequently from now on, whenever we have new info to share with you!


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