tinypalace gamejam

08th May 2016

Hey peeps,

it’s time to announce our gamejam and tell you some detailed information:

The jam is happening on the 22nd of May, starting around 11:00am CEST and finishing at 5:00pm. We think of it as a relaxed space, an opportunity for everyone who joins to try out whatever they have on their mind. This can be anything as far as your interpretation of games goes: Sculptures, performance, cargames or a classic 2d platformer. Everyone is invited, not matter what their experience. You can join as a team or be the sneaky solo game-ninja you always wanted to be.

tinypalace will have a cozy spot for all the jammin’ to take place. And if you don’t have the equipment (like a portable pc) but still want to join - get in touch with us and we will try to help you out.

The theme will be announced at the festival as well as on twitter. You can suggest ideas for it there , via mail or just tell us at the festival the days before.

Gamejams can often be very energy-intensive, but this doesn’t have to be the norm and you don’t have to have a perfect, finished game at the end. We want it to be a room for experimentation, where you can set your own tempo and goals - either super-hyper fast or laidback sloth-style.

I hope you are cool with that, suggestions on the whole event are always welcome.

Oh, we also have a small itch.io jam page, so if you want to join in from outside the festival or just want to play some cool games afterwards, you can check that out.

So, let’s have some fun! (until then & then)


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